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2022 Winners

Alene Dzerounian.jpeg

Alene Dzerounian


Alene arrived in Canada with her family from Jordan in 2017. Alene had to overcome obstacles to upgrade the gaps in her education and she excelled while earning her Adult Dogwood Diploma in 2018. She remained engaged with the school by volunteering at the Orientation/Registration for new students as well as referring other

resettled youth to the bursary program exemplifying the principle of paying it forward. After completing her secondary school equivalency at Columbia College, Alene applied and was accepted to both Kwantlen Polytechnic and Simon Fraser University in the faculty of Sciences. Alene has witnessed, first hand, the diffculties and sacrifices faced by our health care workers as they work tirelessly to help those in need. Upon completion of her Science Degree, in two years, Alene’s desire is to pursue her goal of becoming a Cardiovascular Perfusionist. Continued success to you, Alene, in your future studies.

Hagop Sazian photo .png

Hagop Sazian


I was born and raised in Aleppo Syria where I met my wife and had our two children. We faced issues that led us to move to Canada in 2015 to live a new life while enjoying our Armenian culture. I travelled to many places before being able to settle in Canada. I went to Armenia, Qatar, Turkey, and Lebanon where I was able to get a lot of important work experience related to business and management. I first moved to Montreal when I came to Canada, and I worked as a manager. while in Montreal, I aspired to be a professional in the management field, so I moved to Burnaby in 2017. I originally only had an Economic and Political Science Bachelor Degree from Aleppo University, but since moving to Canada in BC I acquired Accounting and FinancePost Bachelor's Diploma (2020), Financial Analysis Post Degree Diploma (2021), and International Business ManagementPost Degree Diploma 2022, all while being a member of FITT. And a candidate for CPA In BC. I decided to complete my experience academically and work as a professional in the management field

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