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About Us

The Armenian Cultural Association was established in Vancouver in 1968, when there were only about seventy people of Armenian descent. It was the first organization in British Columbia to bring together the members of the Armenian community. The warmth of the organization radiated from the many cultural, social and sporting events that were organized in rented church halls and gymnasiums.


The Association’s membership has increased through the years as it welcomes the growth of the Armenian community in British Columbia. The ACA prides itself on having maintained its strictly non-political and non-denominational stance. The ACA remains focused on serving the Armenian community in its entirety and to fostering a stage upon which the Armenian heritage can be celebrated.


The activities of the Association have encompassed a wide array of initiatives; namely: Armenian school; Soccer, volleyball and basketball leagues; Lectures on Armenian poets, painters, musicians and other topics of interest; Concerts, dinner-dances, picnics; Theatre, dance, choir, multicultural festivals; Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Anniversary celebrations


Additionally, in collaboration with other Armenian organizations, we have celebrated the annual commemoration of Armenian Independence day and observed the remembrance of the Armenian Genocide on April 24. The ACA has also strived to encourage and reward students of Armenian descent for academic excellence by granting competitive scholarships to students attending accredited post secondary institutions in British Columbia.

"To serve Armenia is to serve civilization."

British Liberal Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Armenian Cultural Association of British Columbia is a non-profit organization that strives to preserve and promote the heritage and culture of the Armenian people; to foster a wider appreciation of Armenian history, traditions and values.


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